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The Story Behind Captain Hale Financial

In 2019, Hartford Healthcare vacated the doctor's office on Route 44, (just 1000-ft up the road from the plaza where we were located) and we were able to purchase the property. It was ideally located and has ample space for us to continue to grow. Renovations were completed in November 2021, transforming it from hospital use to financial services. 

Shaun has a passion for history, and one of the most exciting features of our new location was simply the building's address: 1776 Boston Turnpike, Coventry, CT. We went all-in on the historical references of Boston and the year 1776, changing our branding and business name to coincide...Captain Hale Financial 

Captain Nathan Hale, one of the first American heroes, was born here in Coventry and gave his life to help birth our country in 1776. We deeply respect him and what he stood for... honor, integrity, commitment, and loyalty... all things we ascribe to exemplify in our business.  

Our location and business name have changed, but we have not. The same people and level of service you have experienced are all still here and working every day to help you realize your hopes, dreams, and financial security. Now instead of Sterling Principle Financial Services you can think of us as Hale Financial. Or just Shaun and Lisa works too. 😊