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Our Tax-Smart Lens

Why Choose a Firm That Specializes in Tax-Smart Wealth Management?

It takes a qualified tax professional with investment knowledge
and the right tools and resources to keep ahead of
changing regulations and efficiently apply tax-focused
strategies. Most of our Financial Professionals are also Tax
Professionals (or partner with tax experts) to provide
you with holistic planning solutions.

Financial Planning Strategies Through a Tax-Smart Lens

The goal of Tax-Smart InvestingTM is to use the right asset allocation, tax-efficient investment products and tax-conscious
planning solutions to help you keep more of what you earn. Instead of simply focusing on market gains, we seek ways to
build both wealth AND protect it with a carefully honed selection of tax strategies.

• Tax Management – Tax-loss harvesting, proper asset allocation and investments that help minimize taxes on capital
gains can all be used to offset your annual tax liabilities.

• Social Security Planning – We’ll identify the most advantageous distribution of your social security benefits based
on your income needs, accumulation of assets and how you manage your finances.

• Pre-Retirement Income Planning – We can apply annual and long-term strategies to lessen the taxes you owe
during the accumulation phase so more of your money can grow tax-free.

• Retirement Income Distributions – Careful planning of which accounts you draw from first during retirement can
help ensure that your money goes toward paying for your lifestyle instead of taxes.

• Leaving a Lasting Legacy – Focusing on tax mitigation for next-generation planning can avoid eroding family wealth
and help ensure that your loved ones are provided for.